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Sundance Silver Swirl Arm Cuff The Fashion Bible n6PEudbe7b
Sundance Silver Swirl Arm Cuff The Fashion Bible

Other historians, such as Jeffrey Bolster, offer poetic tributes. In Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail, Bolster thanks Hill, John Vandereedt, and Aloha South as "archivists who steered me through the shoals of their collections." Hill provided guidance to many individuals researching African American history with his finding aids and guides to records pertaining to African Americans at the Archives.

Abraham Lincoln and Civil War–Reconstruction scholars have found much help at the Archives. In They Have Killed Papa Dead: The Road to Ford's Theater, Abraham Lincoln’s Murder and the Rage for Vengeance, Anthony Pitch thanks a host of archivists by name, but reserves his most interesting praise for Plante.

He notes that it was Civil War specialist Plante who "unwittingly" led him to "the discovery of an unpublished letter from Samuel Arnold asking Secretary of War Edwin Stanton for a job three months after he had agreed to help Booth kidnap Lincoln."

Pitch notes that after he "had told Plante [he] was on the lookout for correspondence from prisoners on the island garrison of Dry Tortugas ," Plante suggested that Pitch look at records in the Office of the Quartermaster General . Shortly thereafter, Pitch "stumbled upon Arnold's sensational letter."

Plante and fellow Civil War expert Musick were singled out by Drew Gilpin Faust, who was a dean at the Radcliffe Institute working on a book, The Republic of Suffering: Death and the American Civil War. Plante, she said in a Prologue interview last year, helped her dig out the stories of casualties during the Civil War. Musick greeted her on one of her visits to the Archives, with a couple of boxes of records, and the comment: "This will interest you."

Plante cites the relationship he developed with Faust while working on the book as typical of those that develop between authors and archivists who work together over longer periods.


"One of the things I enjoyed most about working with Dr. Faust was that after our initial meeting, in which we discussed several secondary sources such as books and articles on death, dying, and burial in the Civil War, she sent me several articles that she had written on the subject," Plante recalls "It's not every day that a hard-working historian takes time out of her busy day to send an unsolicited and unexpected package to an archivist."

Musick's expertise on the Civil War is known far and wide. Blanton and Cook singled out Musick, now retired, in They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the American Civil War, where they noted that he "knows more about the Civil War and its sources than anyone else on earth." In The Army of the Potomac: Birth of Command, November 1860–September 1861, Volume I, Russell H. Beatie stated that Musick's "willing assistance is truly encyclopedic and always available." Musick was also cited by Thomas P. Lowry in Confederate Heroines as "legendary" and providing various good suggestions to make on alternative sources of records—without the use of a Ouija board—when the author's "séance with one of the Old Army consultants" left the subject of his work "still lost in the mists of time."

When you run an experiment you want to keep track of enough information, such that you can analyse the results, and reproduce them if needed. Sacred helps you doing that by providing an Observer Interface for your experiments. By attaching an Observer you can gather all the information about the run even while it is still running. Observers have a priority attribute, and are run in order of descending priority. The first observer determines the _id of the run.

At the moment there are four observers that are shipped with Sacred:

But if you want the run information stored some other way, it is easy to write your own Custom Observer .

Mongo Observer


Requires the Small Leather Goods Belts Parasuco Rm61Ke
package. Install with .

The MongoObserver is the recommended way of storing the run information from Sacred. MongoDB allows very powerful querying of the entries that can deal with almost any structure of the configuration and the custom info. Furthermore it is easy to set-up and allows to connect to a central remote DB. Most tools for further analysing the data collected by Sacred build upon this observer.

You can add a MongoObserver from the command-line via the -m MY_DB flag:

Here MY_DB is just the name of the database inside MongoDB that you want the information to be stored in. To make MongoObserver work with remote MongoDBs you have to pass a URL with a port:

You can also add it from code like this:

Or with server and port:

This assumes you either have a local MongoDB running or have access to it over network without authentication. (See on how to install)

If you need authentication a little more work might be necessary. First you have to decide which authentication protocol you want to use. If it can be done by just using the MongoDB URI then just pass that, e.g.:

If additional arguments need to be passed to the MongoClient they can just be included:

The MongoObserver creates three collections to store information. The first, runs (that name can be changed), is the main collection that contains one entry for each run. The other two ( fs.files , fs.chunks ) are used to store associated files in the database (compare GridFS ).


This is the new database layout introduced in version 0.7.0. Before that there was a common prefix for all collections.

So here is an example entry in the runs collection:

As you can see a lot of relevant information is being stored, among it the used configuration, automatically detected package dependencies and information about the host.

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It doesn’t have some of the essential features I feel you really need to compete in the email marketing space now. Especially when it comes to its colour block scarf set Grey Diesel BK4wa6

Plus, MailChimp also does one thing I hate which is that they charge you for duplicate subscribers . There are many scenarios where you might end up having the same subscriber on multiple lists, and being double charged for them is a big negative in my opinion.

charge you for duplicate subscribers

Let’s take a quick look at where else Mailchimp is lacking when compared to some of its competitors.

ActiveCampaign has been one of our top picks for awhile now because it can pretty much do it all without making a huge dent in your wallet.

Unlike Mailchimp’s rather inflexible, pre-made automation templates, ActiveCampaign offers an extremely nice visual automation editor that allows you to make simple or sophisticated workflows.

ActiveCampaign also Round Sunglasses in Silver Blue Photochromic RB3447 9065I5 53 RayBan 8Zs1D
, which Mailchimp does not. Tagging makes list segmentation super simple, and combined with automations can make sure you are always sending out the most targeted emails to your list.

MailChimp does have a better email editor than ActiveCampaign, but other than that it can’t really compare. Price wise, ActiveCampaign is even a bit cheaper, especially as your lists get bigger and you get a full 14-day free trial to test it out.

David Kadavy, author of Design for Hackers wrote a very informative post detailing why he switched from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign .

ConvertKit is one of the up and coming email service providers and has really skyrocketed in popularity since Pat Flynn moved to the platform .

What makes ConvertKit stand out is that it manages to be simple, yet still quite powerful. While its automation capabilities aren’t quite as dynamic as ActiveCampaign’s, it still handles many of the most important use cases most people would need. And it has a much lower learning curve.

What I like about ConvertKit compared to MailChimp is the flexibility that it gives you.

MailChimp limits you to 1 form per list . So if you want to have multiple content upgrades on your site, you will need to create a new MailChimp list for each content upgrade you make. With ConvertKit, there is no such issue since you can use multiple forms and segment based on tags.

MailChimp limits you to 1 form per list

ConvertKit forms are much more customizable and come with lots more options than MailChimp’s. ConvertKit allows you to create inline, modal, and slide in forms. And you can trigger them on exit intent, scroll percentage or via 2-step opt-in as well.

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